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Charge Rate: Moderate

Address: Mobil (Intersection of Palestine St. & El Laselky St)

Phone Number: 270 35681 - 0100 0059547

Opening Time: 24 Hrs

Area: New Maadi

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In the summertime When the weather is fine You can jump right up And touch the sky, I just love this song by Shaggy. It has this sensational rhythm to it and makes you get up on your feet and start swaying and dancing all around.

Dokki: Mobil, 50 El Giza St.

Kattameya: Mobil, intersection of Ring Road & Suez Highway (beside JW Mariott Hotel, Cairo)

Mohandessin: Mobil, Gameat El Dowal El Arabia St.

Mohandessin: 28 El Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz St.

Downtown: Mobil Gas Station, 16 Ramsis St.

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