Hasal Kheer

Hasal Kheer
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Genres :
Drama , Comedy

Starring :
Saad El Soghayar , Lotfi Labib

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Release date: now
Starring: Saad Elsoghaiar, Ayten Amer, Amar, Lotfy Labib, Amena, Kareem mahmoud abdel aziz, mohammed ramadan
Director: Ismail Farouk
Duration: 100 min
Rating: stars: 2.5 stars out of 5 stars
Movie Story:

Local Dancer( Amar) lives in rural housing, once she arrives the other married men living in the same building goes for her including tax employee (kareem mahmoud abdelaziz) , arabic teacher (mohammed ramadan), the singer (saad elsoghiar), and turn the families lives upside down so the wives tries to keep their home in a comedy way.

Movie Review:

Behind every immoral silly wasted movie we find the name EL SUBKI. Bits n pieces from here and there to conclude in the end a torn apart meaningless movie . 

as said in Awokal: na2khoz men kol ragol kabila !!, so did Subki, he took a film from every song where a huge budget was assigned and assembled a quite number of young faces and public singers as Saad elsoghaier, Tarek Elsheikh and mahmoud elleithy.

to spice things up he added the Lebanese singer Amar that created the assumed needed sexual nods and bathos to complete the picture of a perfect low rated film: a singer, a dancer and below quality songs. It appears that the young artist Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz longed for his father a lot and does not have enough time to visit him he decided to live in a longing to be able to imitate him perfectly in a scene (washing) of the film the apartment of the wife's right not only in this scene that brutally by the film and forced upon the author (Mr. Subki), but remained at the same pace Nothing is said about the role of (Ayten Amer ) is the same type of texture, which she wore her sister (Wafa Amer) at the beginning of her career to be able to prove herself the center of her generation and acceptance of roles and movies cheap cheaper.
If the singer (Saad elsoghyr) excelled in this template, which was repeated in all his films , it's a shame that Tarek Elsheikh walked the same way as Saad which as seen by critics will be the end of his artistic career.

All thanks to ElSubki he produced such cheap film if we dare call it a film that will only be calculated as part of the Egyptian Cinema heritage unfortunately.
Review by:- Lobna Hammam

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