Helm Aziz

Helm Aziz
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Genres :
Drama , Suspense

Starring :
Ahmed Ezz

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Starring: Ahmed Ezz, May Kassab, Sherif Mounir, Mohammed Emam, Mohammed Elsawy
Director: Amr Arafa
Rating: stars: 4 stars out of 5 stars

Movie Story:

Aziz (Ahmed Ezz) is a sample of business men who seek to achieve their dreams in anyway taking advantage in his influence and authority disregarding the interests of the others neither the country . Destiny acts in his life by outing him in a situation the turns his life upside down.

Movie Review:

if you want to watch a good movie and a good story and laugh at the comedy film this is your target , it is meaningful as appropriate. And this is MY RATING of the film at several points: - The story meaningful and good scenario. - Sherif Mounir as usual, more than wonderful. - A very good representation in general and especially Sharif Munir , May Kassab.
Ahmed Ezz has its role should be and I think this character worthy of it. - Distribution of roles with the exception of the excellent personal representatives and one do not want to write them not to burn the film. - The output is very good. - Cinematic tricks in general very good and excellent compared to other Egyptian films. 

In my opinion, Mohammed Imam is beter in dramatic roles rather than comedy!!! - The end could have been more better than that!! - I did not like to repeat some scenes more than once.
Best films of the existing and the best comedy films in recent years.

Review by:- Lobna Hammam

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